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16 Tickets in Bearbeitung (aktiver Sprint)

Closed   Bug MajorDOC-14 Quick start guide: Create the first mailing is not documented
Closed   Bug MajorCTO-121 Relative hyperlinks when using insert tags
In Progress   Improvement MajorCTO-112 BlueprintRenderer should be able to remove multiple nodes
Open   Bug MajorCTO-111 HTML code fragment
Open   Task MajorCTO-106 Change the contao require constraint
In Progress   Bug MajorCTO-105 German strings in english translation
Closed   Bug CriticalCTO-104 Replace simple tokens
Open   Improvement MajorCTO-100 Include tinymce.css to mailing
Open   Epic MajorCTO-99 Show a captcha in subscription form.
Closed   Improvement MajorCTO-92 Pagination for "test recipient source"
In Progress   Bug MajorCTO-91 Issue with "1 column - 2 columns [HTML]" template
In Progress   Bug MajorCTO-90 Sending a boilerplate will not work, since we have no queue and no transport.
In Progress   Bug MajorCTO-89 Foreign key constraint prevent deleting mailing lists
Closed   Bug MajorCTO-87 The table only generate <th> no <td> cells.
Closed   Bug MajorCTO-86 The download(s) element does not display its headline
In Progress   Story MajorCTO-16 Captcha

9 weitere offene Tickets (für zukünftige Sprints)

To Do   Improvement MajorDOC-13 System requirements
To Do   Sub-task MajorDOC-12 Subscription chapter
To Do   Sub-task MajorDOC-11 Frontend integration chapter
To Do   Sub-task MajorDOC-10 Send mailings chapter
To Do   Sub-task MajorDOC-9 Write mailings chapter
To Do   Sub-task MajorDOC-8 Mailing categories chapter
To Do   Sub-task MajorDOC-4 Transports chapter
To Do   Task MajorDOC-2 Quick-Start-Guide
To Do   Task MajorDOC-1 Describe the components.

21 geplante Funktionen (priorisiert nach Votum)

Open   Epic MajorCTO-47 Abonnieren via Kontaktformular+3
Open   Epic MajorCTO-51 Bounce Management+3
Open   Epic MajorCTO-55 Klartext Renderer+3
Open   Epic MajorCTO-52 Automatisierter Versand+2
Open   Epic MajorCTO-50 Tracking und Statistik+2
Open   Epic MajorCTO-48 Neue Nachrichten aus Vorlage+1
Open   Epic MajorCTO-54 Blacklistenverwaltung+1
Open   Epic MajorCTO-97 Convert global CSS to inline CSS.+1
Open   Epic MajorCTO-110 Integration of a follow up workflow.+1
Open   Epic MajorCTO-46 Update Fähigkeit Avisota 1 -> Avisota 2+0
Open   Epic MajorCTO-49 Rechtemanagement+0
Open   Epic MajorCTO-53 Themes export/import+0
Open   Epic MajorCTO-93 The online view should be personalised for recipients.+0
Open   Epic MajorCTO-94 Allow uploading and downloading zipped CSV files in recipient import and export.+0
Open   Epic MajorCTO-95 Support for Robinson list+0
Open   Epic MajorCTO-96 Rendering a mailing as PDF.+0
Open   Epic MajorCTO-99 Show a captcha in subscription form.+0
Open   Epic MajorCTO-101 Resend messages that have failed to send.+0
Open   Epic MajorCTO-102 Make possible to configure which resources get embedded and which are linked.+0
Open   Epic MajorCTO-103 Provide a preset of personal salutation texts+0
Open   Epic MajorCTO-107 Prevent subscription log entries from later modifications+0

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